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Bittersweet Love (Dipper Gleeful x Reader) (EDITING)

Bittersweet Love (Dipper Gleeful x Reader) (EDITING)

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Little Sweet Pea By gravityfallsfangirl3 Updated Jun 29, 2016

You went to a place called,"Reverse Falls " for the summer.
Your mom think it would be good for you to get some fresh air. You are staying with your aunt,Working Hard Susan or Lazy Susan. You help her around the diner. And one day, you met a boy. And things change.When a fellow demon come to visit. And messed with some things. You learn the truth of the Gleeful twins.
Not to mention so trouble comes to the town. But the question is... 
What will happen after that?

(Slowly re-edited grammar and spelling mistakes. Story will still have the same plot, just better writing)

I woke up with a charger and headphones wrapped around my body.
                              nothing in my hair either than 
                              or some sort of bow or flower crown 
                              my bangs are everything.
                              they are also very curly and puffy therefore it is basically impossible to put them to the side.
i wake up around that time bruh
                              it's funny 'cause
                              on the weekdays i sort of automatically wake up maybe minutes before it's 7 or right at 6 most of the time.
                              but on weekdays,   i wake up like at nine thirty to ten someshit
Ugh, that's how I feel right now... I have to go to my aunt and uncle's lake house for the Fourth of July... IT'S A GROSS LITTLE 2 BEDROOM HOUSE! THEY HAVE NO WIFI THERE! IT'S IN A FORREST! I don't even LIKE swimming!
This is something my actual mom and dad would do and for the same reason
MA MA MA MA MA MA!!!! Dang I hate alarm clocks the effing mess me up...