Where I'm Not Wanted || on hold

Where I'm Not Wanted || on hold

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[ K A T  +  M I A ] By writerbug_forever Updated Dec 28, 2016

Wanted: ADJECTIVE  /ˈwɑntəd/
a desire to be in or out of a particular place or situation.

Waverly's life is rather like a fairytale. Just not the sugar-coated versions you're used to. 

Waverly is a chief victim of the queen mean-girl Isla Collins. After years of this nearly constant bullying, she is almost to the break. Waverly becomes exceedingly more depressed and down but tries to hide it from everyone. Her father and step-monster-of-a-mother, Penny, tells her that her problems aren't real because she is in high school. According to them, you don't have enough life experience to call your problems real. She's told that she isn't a real adult and that she just complains about stupid things that are meaningless.  As if being called a bitch and a slut isn't a real problem.

She could really use a fairy godmother right about now.

© 2016 Kat Lefevre (Kat_Lefevre) and Mia Calisce (PapaSmurf333)

Warning: This book will contain content that may not be appropriate for kids of all ages. we will discuss depression, suicide, and other mature topics. Includes some harsh language and mild sensuality

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