Seventeen Cloud Nine (Choose Your Path)

Seventeen Cloud Nine (Choose Your Path)

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(✿ •‿•) By Jihoozi Completed

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You have been suffering from depression for quite a while. Your mother passed away in front of your eyes. Your father divorced your mother years ago. You only have your Uncle, who abuses you, and your cousin, Takeshi. They both treat you like trash. In school, you're an outcast. You don't have many friends. One day, you had to come home late. You can hear footsteps behind you.  The footsteps were getting closer! When all of a sudden...   You choose your path. 

There will a series of choices you can make during the story. Each set of choices will have instructions on where to go to continue the story. Enjoy!

[All Chapters Are Revised!]
[27/27 Chapters Revised]

Lena_FXXX8 Lena_FXXX8 May 19
Woah!! I feel like this would be an amazing book! This got me more curious 😂😂
Shayeezy Shayeezy Jun 05
Wait, what if I choose a name like poop or smthing............. Last time I check poops aren't pretty
RandomKid23 RandomKid23 Mar 08
This is like Mystic messenger all over again doesn't wanna get a route that ends bad
Shadowsoffire Shadowsoffire Sep 05, 2016
I just read through all of them but I like the first scenario better
hiraethtears hiraethtears Dec 20, 2016
im going to spend the rest of the day on this (it's 3.16pm) because im going to take every route possible
BlockBXBTS BlockBXBTS Jun 26, 2016
I died laughing when it said "Run." I thought of that vine xD