Seventeen Cloud Nine (Choose Your Path)

Seventeen Cloud Nine (Choose Your Path)

69.9K Reads 2.4K Votes 33 Part Story
(✿ •‿•) By Jihoozi Completed

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You have been suffering from depression for quite a while. Your mother passed away in front of your eyes. Your father divorced your mother years ago. You only have your Uncle, who abuses you, and your cousin, Takeshi. They both treat you like trash. In school, you're an outcast. You don't have many friends. One day, you had to come home late. You can hear footsteps behind you.  The footsteps were getting closer! When all of a sudden...   You choose your path. 

There will a series of choices you can make during the story. Each set of choices will have instructions on where to go to continue the story. Enjoy!

[All Chapters Are Revised!]
[27/27 Chapters Revised]

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sunwave13 sunwave13 Nov 08, 2017
Jeonghan ❤️ and then bias wreckers are hoshi jun the8 and Joshua
1-800_Nam_Chu 1-800_Nam_Chu Oct 20, 2017
Nobody liles a snitch ya witch.......
                              . Youll end up with stitches if i give Jihoon his Guitar~
1-800_Nam_Chu 1-800_Nam_Chu Oct 20, 2017
JIHOONIEEEEEE (And obviously my bias wrecker is the one over 5ft.
1-800_Nam_Chu 1-800_Nam_Chu Oct 20, 2017
HE IS AN ANGEL, HAVE YOU HEARD HIS VOICE?! (Then again, Jhope is also an angel~)
SVTshootingstar SVTshootingstar Oct 15, 2017
Bruh this guy is mischievous  af and is no where close to an angel 😂😂
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