Sinful Cinderella (Dark Fairy Tale Queen Series - Book 1)

Sinful Cinderella (Dark Fairy Tale Queen Series - Book 1)

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I'm not who they think I am. A docile girl who meekly obeys her stepmother and 
stepsisters. Some kind of sick angel who cheerfully bears their mistreatment. That's 
what I WANT them to think.  Because then they won't suspect what I'm really up to.

The ball, the prince - it's all part of my plan to come out on top. Stepmother and her 
demented daughters will pay for every floor I have scoured, every sneer I have borne. 
They don't know about the white magic, how I use it to enhance myself. They can't 
see that my heart is black as midnight, rotten as a poisoned apple.

They're about to find out.

AnitaValle AnitaValle Mar 28
Little by little by little I'm going to add illustrations. But it will take time. :)
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suicidal_memories_ suicidal_memories_ Jan 15, 2016
I love all the stories turning all the good princesses to Evil ones!
aaudreysaagal aaudreysaagal Nov 02, 2015
I love the twist in the book. Glad I  could get here before you took it of wattpad
Introverted_Writer Introverted_Writer Oct 02, 2015
OMG, what an interesting story.  I love villain protagonist and I love prologues.  This one is so short, yet informative.