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Checkmate (Eren x Levi)

Checkmate (Eren x Levi)

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Call me Senpai By Metalheadotaku Updated May 24, 2016

Illusio. A world where playing games means life or death. 18 year old Eren Jaeger is chosen to compete in the annual King coronation game where only the best of the best get to challenge others for the title of King of Illusio. There he comes face to face with the current King Levi Ackerman and loses a game to him in which he will die, but the King decides to spare him in favor of courting the young boy. But soon Eren becomes aware of the dark secrets the King and royal government is hiding from the public. He's determined to find out what he's hiding but soon finds himself having affection towards the raven haired King. In a story of action, virtual reality, love, secrets and a dark truth, you're going to end up making a wrong move, then all you hear after your regrets, checkmate. 

Any song or picture used in this story does not belong to us nor does Attack on Titan or its characters. Only the plot and storyline belong to us.

accidental_poet accidental_poet Apr 18, 2016
but wait what happens to your body irl like is everyone kind of paralyzed ??
SmolFangurl SmolFangurl Sep 17, 2016
Are Kirito and Asuna going to be brought up at some point in this book?
LunarianHowler LunarianHowler Aug 11, 2016
This reminds me of this movie called Time's Out or something where once their 21 or something- a timer on their wrist starts counting down and its their currency as we'll- time is money
AiyaXo AiyaXo Jan 03
When you can already tell it's probably all gonna be dream or illusion from the name of the 'world' they live in
SmolFangurl SmolFangurl Sep 17, 2016
TotalFanfictionTrash TotalFanfictionTrash Oct 08, 2016
And if you look straight ahead you see the obvious future plot twist