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He's never like chocolate, never really much acquired a taste for it until, now. But now that he's gotten his first taste of it, he finds himself craving for more...
Should he allow his taste buds to explore what his mind is too afraid to try?
Potentially falling into a frenzy of infinite sweetness and toothache, his mouth bursting with excitement as he uncovers, The Color of Life.

 -A love story about the men in the Kar' Michael household.
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  "I never want this story to end, it's different from other interracial stories I'd read throughout Wattpad. Your imagination is beyond breathtaking I was always on my toes itching for the next chapter or scene, I applause."-[[_Jordanx]]

"I loved it with all my heart. Totally one of the best on wattpad."-[[Sashathaina]]

"I just wanted to tell you how much I love this story that I've read it three times, no jokes. Every time I try to find a story even an inch similar I can't, and so, I re-read your story. This book should really be a movie."-[[Juuune]]
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