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AlexKing By AlexKing24 Updated Feb 07, 2016

BroJohn smut and other shit. Strong language and lots of rough and hot sex so beware! Heheheh >:]

WwhatevverIWwannaBe WwhatevverIWwannaBe Dec 03, 2016
I almost threw my phone when I saw the smuppet....
                              My inner Dave is strong today
_hamartithia_ _hamartithia_ Jul 01, 2016
Is it wrong I immediately clicked the picture and zoomed in on its asš
OnlySlightlyCracked OnlySlightlyCracked Oct 04, 2015
so gãy he couldn't think STRAIGHT!  *pterodactyl screech laughter followed by air horns and people screaming John Cena*
TheStriderBang TheStriderBang Sep 11, 2015
it'd be hellarad if you wrote smore. just a suggestion.  nice story, btw.