Pity Party ➳ Jake Fitzgerald

Pity Party ➳ Jake Fitzgerald

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Patch Cipriano By ephemeralucy Updated Jul 20, 2017

"We can only run for so long. Then we stop and we have two choices; we can die or we can fight and I sure as hell don't plan on dying".

Katherine Addams has been one of Nina Patterson's victims. Nina had many reason for not liking Katherine but seeing her as competition was at the very top. Katherine was simply beautiful and kind beyond belief but when hurricane Nina hits, it leaves a mess behind. 

Katherine had attempted suicide and was taken to a facility for help and no one has seen her since. But suddenly she's back with a new look, attitude and a burning desire for revenge but just after she shows up, people start to die.

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sluttystiles sluttystiles Aug 02, 2017
Chxarliee Chxarliee Jun 27, 2017
Girl this is why no one actually cared when you died. You were honestly just a dead body :)
kermitdefrooge kermitdefrooge Oct 02, 2017
All in on Plan "Kill Them Hoe Bullies" raise ya hand 🙋🏽
kermitdefrooge kermitdefrooge Oct 02, 2017
Tay on Jake Paul Vlogs....:
sxgacubess sxgacubess Aug 20, 2017
somebody give this poor bean a big hug and some ice cream bc that's a whole new type of low man
-elizabethr -elizabethr Jul 05, 2016
someone give this child a hug and a nice cup of hot chocolate