The Alpha's Fighter

The Alpha's Fighter

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Jay -JaeLyn- By thantophobia30 Updated Aug 12

Aqua Leon is a Street fighter. She is smart, strong (despite her height) and quick on her feet. She long Black hair and light blue eyes.

Cameron Hayes Is an Alpha. He is strong, demanding, but is a great leader. He has Blonde haair and Forest green eyes.

Both have half of a necklace.

Both wont back down from a fight called Life.

It seems Aqua is the Alphas Fighter.


*Description* When each human child is born they are put up for adoption.  That night the kids who are a werewolves mate receive a necklace which is half of a unique shape and their werewolf mate has the other half. The moon goddess gives these necklaces to the children in their sleep. The ones who aren't mates with a werewolf receive nothing. As that grow up the fates see to it that they get closer to their mates and when that happens the necklaces get warmer but if the child goes off the path the moon goddess choses the necklace gets colder.

so what happens when the Alpha meets his half? Will the girl willingly come? or will she stand her ground and fight for what she believes in?

Me- HELL NO WHO TF IS THIS BÏTCH *runs but accidentally runs into a stop sign*
I'm squealing already... I need a life... I'm a fangirl for life... that's not so bad... right?