Danny Phantom? No, Spectre.

Danny Phantom? No, Spectre.

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Coytc Writes By -Cotyc- Updated May 24

When Danny's life is ripped apart he takes refuge with some young heroes, but he cannot truly escape.

A Young Justice and Danny Phantom crossover

Warning: As with all of my other fan fiction, my stories have extreme settings and plot points, thus justifying extreme/vulgar language. If you can't handle obscenity I strongly suggest you stay away. However unlike my other stories, this fanfic will be free of all pairing/ships/otp's if you want to see it as a pairing I will clearly not mind, but please note that this is angst/action-adventure not fluff or slash.

HaliRina HaliRina May 04
Spectre ha?  Nice name but the other stories they usually use phantom name so this story is really interesting to me because of the different name... 
                              Awesome... 👍👍👍😸