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Harry Potter Preferences and Imagines [On hold]

Harry Potter Preferences and Imagines [On hold]

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aph-killjoy-394 By aph-killjoy-394 Updated Dec 31, 2016

The title says it all.
I will do Preferences for:
and imagines for any character.

I'm currently putting this book on hold, and requests are closed for now.

siezha siezha Sep 21, 2016
Character: Draco
                              Year: his # 2 my # 1
                              My house: hufflpuff
                              Name: Siezha 
                              Looks: light brown hair with a pink streak. 5'0". Brown eyes. 
                              Plot: any thing, fluff
dancer7103 dancer7103 Aug 01, 2016
Fred Weasley
                              Slightly tan, dark brown hair, brown eyes, black glasses
                              We get detention from Umbridge for pulling a prank on her, so we have to use the special quills. The rest can be up to you!
iswallowedabutton iswallowedabutton Oct 17, 2016
Name : Anna Sofia 
                              Character: Cedric 
                              Year: 6th
                              House: HUFFLEPUFF 
                              Appearance: long dark red hair pretty skinny but curvy body
                              Plot: I find Cedric cheating on me, he try's to get me back
                              Other characters : Cho that the other girl
                              Other notes : I like glitter
kodawolfbball kodawolfbball Oct 14, 2016
Draco Malfoy
                              His & mine  year five 
                              My house slytherin 
                              Name Dakota 
                              Looks red hair pale skin brown eyes 4'9"
                              Half blood 
                              Plot I tell of pug face in dumbriges ( umbridge ) class & get detention, having to use the cursed  quills & you can take it from there!
                              If you can plzzzzz make mine thx!😄
fxndomxx fxndomxx Jul 30, 2016
Fred Weasley
                              6th(goblet of fire era)
                              5'9, Stubborn, Asian, grey eyes, black hair
                              Just a jealousy & we end up together imagine;)
                              Up to you:)
IsabelleCarter13 IsabelleCarter13 Jul 16, 2016
                              6th year
                              Lucy Potter (Harry's younger twin)
                              Blood red hair, green eyes, a few inches shorter than Draco
                              Plot: you can decide
                              Other characters: Hermione Lavender Harry Ron