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L X Reader Oneshots

L X Reader Oneshots

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Lori Dean By FabulousFactory Completed

(Oneshot series)

Do you need a little break from the real world?
Do you love L as much as I do?

Well, you're in luck. These oneshots are specifically to give you guys entertainment, feels, and love.

Enjoy :)

Viewer discretion is advised.

eternal_69 eternal_69 Aug 19, 2016
Yeah matsuda taking full precautions for kira case!  "Instead of hello I think its a good idea to tell my name" 
                              Matsuda is perfect <3
Wait I'm so confused are L and I a thing I'm seriously so confused
RubiAndromeda618 RubiAndromeda618 Jun 20, 2016
Ugh! I hate my dumb heart for making me like this *starts punching chest* Cut. It. Out. Heart! *starts to cry* 
                              DAMN THEES FEELS ARE REAL 😭😢
eternal_69 eternal_69 Aug 19, 2016
That's something L would never do....but I'm still squealing while reading this
MelanyCRUZ2005 MelanyCRUZ2005 Mar 20, 2016
OMG I cried and my mom thought I was crazy... BUT THE FEELS ARE REAL MOM! THE FEELS ARE REAL! 😭 this was amazing and sad but beautiful
As bloody sad as this is, all I could think about was:
                              Woah...L and I did it? We actually did IT? Mind blown...💥