Sweethearts (L X Reader Oneshots)

Sweethearts (L X Reader Oneshots)

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Lori Dean By FabulousFactory Completed

(Oneshot series)

Viewer discretion is advised. I write AUs, smut, fluff, humour, whatever you want I guess. I take requests. 


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Are you a goddamned robot cuz I swear to god I think that’s what my little Zoomer Robot said once when I was cleaning. 
                              It didn’t help it just tried to dance and fell over on the floor
__Thugisa__ __Thugisa__ 6 days ago
Biach if you aren't planning someones death with Ryuk I will be.
*puts on DESTROYA by my bois of MCR*
                              *hears Gerard moan* 
                              My religion, everyone. Welcome to the church of Helena.
DivaOfDeath DivaOfDeath Dec 12, 2017
Yay! Sister to the most adorable person on the task force! (Sorry L)
kiki0303 kiki0303 Dec 10, 2017
Why am i reading this again and holy cow he is 12 inches taller than me
                              And preorder Mania on iTunes and get it January 19th