Bella's Twin

Bella's Twin

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dreamers_utopia By dreamers_utopia Updated Feb 17

Angel is Bella's twin sister. She's bullied for the way she dresses and the music she listens to. Angel doesn't really like people much. But what happens when she catches the eye of a certain Cullen?

I don't own any characters except Angel and maybe some other characters later on

TRIGGER WARNING: There is quite a bit of depression and self-harm in this story. Read at your own risk

  • angel
  • bella
  • cullen
  • cutting
  • depression
  • emo
  • jasper
  • swan
  • twilight
I'm starting to think that liking batman is a requirement for 'emo' people or listening to 'emo' bands
-The-Cat- -The-Cat- Jan 21
Baby?! Bateman?! Is any else in the SPN Family going insane?!
Daughter_of_PERSASSY Daughter_of_PERSASSY Dec 24, 2016
Can so.eone tell me what those bands are I know bvb but I don't know the others
The only bright colors i like is purple and gold. I am allergic to girl stuff