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The Alpha's Mate

The Alpha's Mate

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KikiColdman By MysteryGirl72 Completed

"If you seriously don't put me down I will so..."
"So what? I'm pretty sure I could take you," he said mockingly.
"Really? Are you willing to bet on it?" I asked him.
"Sure, what are you going to give me if I win?" he asked me.
"I'll give you invites to two parties this weekend and you can bring anyone you want."
"Seems fair."
"What are you going to give me?" I asked
He was silent for a little while, probably thinking. "I'll do you any favor you want."
He set me down and we both shook hands.

Arianna Donovan lives in a small town in a huge house with her stuck up mom and laid back, spineless dad. Arianna is strong willed and doesn't like to show weakness.She's an unnoticed senior at her school. Only noticed by the few friends she has and a jock who won't leave her alone. 
Jason Harris is an alpha who just took over for his dad. He's good at it too. A natural born leader. When he's not running his pack he's laid back and loves hanging out with his werewolf friends.
When Jason finds Arianna in the forest one day when they were kids he saw something about her that was special. He might have been just a kid when he saw her, but ever since that day he couldn't stay away from her. What will happen when an Alpha can't live without a girl that lives in the human world? 
Secrets, jealously, sexy werewolves, and inappropriate language will be in this book.
All Rights Are Reserved To MysteryGirl72 (AKA: ME)

Crappy parents. Five year old disappears into the forest over night and you don't have a search part out there, you need CPS and jail time.
If it's so dangerous, why didn't you follow her when she was five? Hmm? HMMM? HMMMMMM?!?!
That's rich coming from the bitch who left her five year old in the woods over night without calling out everyone she knows to help find her.
MusicMatters MusicMatters Jul 07, 2016
Shut up dirty mind...Wattpad ruined me. Come to the Wattpad side, We have no innocence.
booscaredu booscaredu Dec 09, 2016
Everyone in the comment section are like : "werewolf that happens to be her mate" 
                              And im here like she could find slender man, a killer clown or Barney!