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Bill Ciphers Daughter

Bill Ciphers Daughter

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Probably 23 lizards By TARDIS_test_flight Updated Feb 11

-Reader story-

"Watch doing there Dipper?" I froze up. I know that voice. Slowly i turned around hoping Mabel was doing some voice trick. But of course it wasn't. I knew i looked startled and probably scared as i glanced up at (y/n) standing on the roof just above me. Why was she here? To torment me?! It MUST be Bill in disguise! Like, turned into a human girl or something? Or was i just so desperate to not make friends other than the ones i had here. Maybe its my mind. Mabel might be right! I could be going crazy! Oh no what if... Okay, so what. her eyes may be like slits and she may smile a lot and like the colour yellow and black and also seem to like triangles and appear out of nowhere and not talk about parents and take a sudden interest to the mystery shack, but hey! Probably just an odd coincidence.

The mysterious house is so mysterious 
                               It fills you with determination
toucan1233 toucan1233 5 days ago
It's easy first get a horse then a bucket put glitter, an ice cream cone, and rainbows into bucket mix well dump mixture onto horse add a layer of extra glitter then leave to dry for two hours.
No one questions my name I pick is illuminati and neither dipper or Mabel question it
I'm not creepy I just now your entire routine and have pictures and video of you and I watch while you sleep so I'm not creep
                              Playground: DID YOU JUST ASSUME MY SEXUALITY?!?
Put a traffic cone or a ice cream come on the head of a horse and some as gay as myself rides because rainbows everywhere 🐴+🍦🔄+(🙎x 🌈)=🦄   Simple so easy I can explain in emojis