Survival ~ MiniCat

Survival ~ MiniCat

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I looked over the destroyed city. It was just like any fictional book or film. I keep telling myself that this isnt possible. That I am in a horrible nightmare. But I looked passed that. Trapped in a horrible reality. 

My name is Craig Thompson.

But no one ever calls me that.

This is my story. My story about whats its like to be through hell.

Its never easy. But what makes my story different is that I found hope. Found hope in a world of misery and despair.

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StarryRuins StarryRuins May 02, 2017
I don't think you needed to explain what a gun suppressor. It's a pretty common thing. There is no reason to have the P in pistol capitalized. You are also missing an apostrophe in I'm.
StarryRuins StarryRuins May 02, 2017
In the last paragraph you said he was stacked but now he only has two bullets. You need to use apostrophes or italics when Craig is thinking to himself because I got confused reading that part.