Bad Boy & His Chubby Girl

Bad Boy & His Chubby Girl

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Sara Johnson By SaraJohnson896 Updated Oct 07, 2017

*Previously known as "The Chubby Girl's World" *

I couldn't control any longer, so I let out what was the biggest mistake of my life, a ranging moan.

"Get one thing through your head kitten, never and i never, order me or tell me what to do. I will let you go with a warning but next time if you order me or defy me, i will not hesitate you rip your clothes apart and spank you until you beg me to stop, tie you and tease you till you're dripping wet and beg me to fuck you, and fuck you on my motorcycle in every position that you can barely imagine, until i am satisfied, until you beg me to stop, until i had my fill of you you, until you can't walk straight without thinking about me fucking your soar pussy." He says with lust and anger in clear in his eyes. 

He pats my cheek. "So next time kitten, think before you open your smart mouth" he say and rides off on his motorcycle.


Ellie is a chubby Italian - Mexican girl, she is a head strong girl, with a ambitious girl with confidence like no one.

Aston Miller, is the infamous bad boy/ jock of the school who doesn't take no for an answer.

So what happens when these two collide? 

Sparks? Check.

Fights? Check.

Love? Double - check.

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bbanak bbanak Mar 18
It always the clothes right they can never stay in one place 😂
--blank- --blank- Feb 19
No see I can clean my room and once I do it stays clean that is until I wash clothes. I despise folding clothes so literally when I take my clothes out the dryer if I don't fold them right then and there I won't do it until I wash clothes next. That's what makes my room look dirty 😅😂
People these days are putting on making for their enjoyment , no one cares about impressing other people with it
coolcat8235 coolcat8235 Apr 09
I can relate so much to this but I will I am proud of my curves ❤️
Happens to me all the time!! Especially Easter/family reunion! Every time she sees me, my Aunt Rosie pinches my cheeks and it huuurrrrrttttttssssss!!!!
Leanor25 Leanor25 Feb 09
Can’t say that I relate nobody does that to me but my hair that’s another story they pet it like it’s a f-king cat like the f-k ewwww don’t know where your hands been