The Cyborg's Daughter

The Cyborg's Daughter

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R.K. Adams By The-Scrivener Completed

The robots rule earth. The girl only known as reject #5642 doesn't own her name, she doesn't own her body and she doesn't see a future on the artificial island she grew up on.

After a chance encounter with a new reject-boy and  unearthing her true mother's slave collar, she is  lead on a path to discover more about herself than she could possibly imagine.  When the machines come to her door to harvest her younger sister, #5642 is thrust into a head-on collision with the whole robot world order. Her foster parents give her one desperate secret mission. Protect her sister and get her to #5642's real parents in the machine capital. The future of humanity rests on it. Soon #5642 must run for her life, fight for her existence and to do that she needs to discover her real past. 

In a desperate hunt across the ruins of America #5642, her sister and a reject-boy called Hunter must out run the Artificial Intelligences and the cyborg's known only as 'The Continuity'. The same ones who master minded the robot apocalypse 20 years ago. To succeed she must discover the meaning of the resistance plan 'Destiny Rising' and the only key she has is her human birth name. Emily, Emily Banks. 

As she runs the machines begin to realise what she might represent, the last bitter ember of human resistance. Can a girl like her possibly be capable of what it takes to change the world? She has to, because she doesn't know it, but she is the cyborg's daughter.  

"I was born a slave, but it doesn't mean I have to die like one." said Emily carefully picking up the phase bracelet.

A Y/A novel. PG13. An action packed adventure sequel to  #1 Scifi Hit I'm a Cyborg's Pet/Robocalypse.
Highest ranking #7 In SciFi
Cover by starstruck ( @starstruck3759252 ) 

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