feed me! [Satoshi Isshiki x Reader]

feed me! [Satoshi Isshiki x Reader]

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OnexHellxOfxAxGirl By OnexHellxOfxAxGirlx Updated Mar 04

[Name] had Always been an odd girl. She loved to mess with people and make challenges. Her somewhat violent personality was very amusing to see but if you looked hard enough, you saw her caring side. She's the one that helps people secretely and watch from the sidelines as they celebrate. Her nickname's that she gives people actually made them closer then it appears to be.

After getting into Totsuki Culinary Academy a certain student by the name of Satoshi Isshiki takes an interest in her. Will her fabulousness shoo Satoshi away or will it bring them closer? Oh who am I kidding of course they'll get closer!
Rated 18+ because of foodgasms xD
This story begins at the first year of Satoshi so this will start even before Shokugeki no Souma begun.

I don't own SnS only my OC's. (I put random OC's in the story for Polar Star Dormitory other wise Satoshi and Reader-chan will be very lonely XD)

  • ibuzuki
  • isshiki
  • megumi
  • satoshi
  • shokugeki
  • shun
  • soma
  • souma
  • tadokoro
  • yoshino
  • yuki
  • yukihira
LunaShomeiRose LunaShomeiRose Aug 14, 2017
I'm leaving a vote purely because of the title to this book. Brilliant 😂
Ninja_idiot Ninja_idiot Aug 15, 2017
I'm on the same page. I definitely want to experience a foodgasm🙏🏻💃🏻
paigeymack360 paigeymack360 Aug 02, 2016
Actually in Japan they refer to people as last name first name not first name last name (sorry just wanted to topping that out)
riotet1 riotet1 Jan 22, 2016
Her personality is like me when I look in the desricption I was excited to read it