Cheerleader »kellic«

Cheerleader »kellic«

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"Hey Mike look it's the cheerleaders."

"Oh my god they are so hot."

"That one girl with the blue ribbon is cute."

"That's a guy Vic."

"Are you sure?"

ShipsAreReal ShipsAreReal Jul 24, 2016
I feel like if i cover my mouth ( because i have brendon urie big ass lips ) i look like a guy but with my whole face girl and when i told my best fren this she said i looked like vic fuentes so its ok cuz im a hot guy
odetogrey odetogrey Apr 24, 2016
OH I THINK THAT I FOUND MYSELF A CHEERLEADER- okay I'll just let myself out the door now
babygirltii babygirltii Sep 21, 2016
As a transwoman I've literally been reading SSOOO many stories about guys falling in-love with us and accepting who we are, obviously the beginning can be harsh or dangerous but it changes in most stories, hope this one melts my heart as well. love the idea so far.
InhalingDaddysDong InhalingDaddysDong Jul 29, 2016
I honestly don't know if I've read this fic or not. Oh well. I'm gonna read it anyways :3
InhalingDaddysDong InhalingDaddysDong Jul 29, 2016
Yay! Transgender story. I don't really come across these often.
                              I'm female to
MyChemical_Hormones MyChemical_Hormones Jan 11, 2016
Isnt that what this whole bandom is about? Acceptance and being open to new ideas?