When the bad boy noticed me

When the bad boy noticed me

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"Why do you hate me so much?" He whispered.

" I don't hate you. I just don't appreciate your presence." I said.

Meet Violet Anne Taylor - The normal, unnoticed sophomore of Wilson High. 

Meet Sam Ryder - The ridiculously hot badboy. 

One meeting, one encounter. 

It all starts when the bad boy notices her.

#Give it a try. It gets better, I promise#

French translation by @QueenAu

tommygirl02 tommygirl02 7 days ago
for my high school, i wake up at 6:00 and on Mon/Wed/Fri school starts at 8:20 and on Tue/Thu it starts at 8:40
Jessicarno190 Jessicarno190 5 days ago
                              Alec frigging  Ryder
lazyhead123 lazyhead123 Jan 11
Who in their right mind would ever volunteer to do the dishes?
Mona257 Mona257 4 days ago
Happens to me all the time but it's not a Greek God, it's Korean God. When you are too much into kpop, these are common
weizen6 weizen6 3 days ago
That's me but I don't like sports 😂😂😂 literally I want to die when I do gym
I'm confused if she's in tenth grade would she be around 15? She wouldn't be able to drive let alone drive her friends