When the bad boy noticed me

When the bad boy noticed me

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"Why do you hate me so much?" He whispered.

" I don't hate you. I just don't appreciate your presence." I said.

Meet Violet Anne Taylor - The normal, unnoticed sophomore of Wilson High. 

Meet Sam Ryder - The ridiculously hot badboy. 

One meeting, one encounter. 

It all starts when the bad boy notices her.

#Give it a try. It gets better, I promise#

French translation by @QueenAu

_idontknowyou12 _idontknowyou12 5 hours ago
deyhxx deyhxx 13 hours ago
I mean I've been getting English & history as my first class for a long time now , so it isn't that bad .
aestas__ aestas__ 2 days ago
Jasmine is becoming a clichéd Wattpad name isn't it? Time to put it away, like Jake, Ryder, and Elliot
kass_liz13 kass_liz13 6 days ago
Me and my food have a special relationship.
                              "What are some of your achievements?"
                              *Rubbing my gut*
                              "I washed down an entire medium pizza with two pops and a bag of family sized Doritos"
mrsfangiiirl mrsfangiiirl 5 days ago
I have math 4th period this year, and the last two I had it 7th. Not. Fun.
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Ima say same even tho I be skipping breakfast becuz of time 😂😂