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When the bad boy noticed me

When the bad boy noticed me

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K H U S H A L I By notjustarandomperson Completed


"Why do you hate me so much?" He whispered.

" I don't hate you. I just don't appreciate your presence." I said.

Meet Violet Anne Taylor - The normal, unnoticed sophomore of Wilson High. 

Meet Sam Ryder - The ridiculously hot badboy. 

One meeting, one encounter. 

It all starts when the bad boy notices her.

#Give it a try. It gets better, I promise#

French translation by @QueenAu

thoseluvs thoseluvs Feb 10
*sam Cahill cough cough lol only some ppl kno who I'm talking about 😂😭
anshikadixit73 anshikadixit73 7 days ago
Totally. Actually the best (sarcasm in every bit of hemoglobin of my blood)
hiohiohio__ hiohiohio__ Feb 16
if there's a character named cheese...
                              "HEY GUYS LOOK! ITS MAC AND CHEESE!"
Already having a great feeling abt this book badass author 😁😁✌✌
anshikadixit73 anshikadixit73 7 days ago
Khushali ne apna naam khushali bol kar mujhe khush kar diya!
carareadw carareadw Feb 18
Freshman - sophomore - junior - senior. I'm not american and always get so confused to which year is which. Where I come from we have grade 1 (11), 2 (12) and 3 (13) in high school. Middleschool for us is grade 8, 9 and 10.