When the bad boy noticed me

When the bad boy noticed me

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"Why do you hate me so much?" He whispered.

"I don't hate you. I just don't appreciate your presence." I said.

Meet Violet Anne Taylor - Your normal and extremely ordinary sophomore of Wilson High. 

Meet Sam Ryder - The ridiculously hot badboy. 

One meeting, one encounter and a twisted tale of mystery. 

It all starts when the bad boy notices her.

How does she have a car? My sister is 15 and in grade 11 and she never skipped any grades
Lwavva Lwavva Sep 16
tbh I would be like "imma be already late" and fall back to sleep
We all  have that one teacher that can go burn in hell. That is my science teacher for me..:)
I do have to say, in your writing I see a few run on sentences. Try and fix those :)
ChocolateInTheSky ChocolateInTheSky 2 days ago
This is boring no offence but can we get on with this already all there doing is talking about random people 😐
So... Tessa like the one in this book who's obsessed with Harry Styles... or the Tessa in "After" who's obsessed with Harry styles? Anyone? (P.S. Aye where my 1D fam attttt?)