To Find Her Again [TLTL sequel / COMPLETE]

To Find Her Again [TLTL sequel / COMPLETE]

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After finding out the truth about his young lost love, Taehyung sets out to find her again but has two very unexpected sidekicks...

- UNEDITED first draft -

La Vie En Rose (Instrumental) - Paul Weston and Orchestra
Rain - Brian Crain
Dancing On The Light - Richard Dillon
Winter Journey - Scott D Davis
12 Études caracteristiques, Op 2, no.3 - Adolf von Henselt
Nocturne in A Minor - Chad Lawson
The Light She Brings - Joep Beving
I Wonder as I Wander - David Nevue
Some - Nils Frahm

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kiyoptae kiyoptae Jun 26, 2017
I can imagine those cute small lil mochi playing around our house─
Scar0805 Scar0805 Jul 16, 2017
I figured this is what was going to happen. Im kinda glad you went this way, author-nim! I love it when children come into it
ArmyFromBangtan ArmyFromBangtan Jul 31, 2017
At least we know the boy and girl are going to be really cute
ArmyFromBangtan ArmyFromBangtan Jul 31, 2017
AH! I see what you did there! You used the names he already planned to give to his children!