To Find Her Again [TLTL sequel / COMPLETE]

To Find Her Again [TLTL sequel / COMPLETE]

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After finding out the truth about his young lost love, Taehyung sets out to find her again but has two very unexpected sidekicks...

- UNEDITED first draft -

La Vie En Rose (Instrumental) - Paul Weston and Orchestra
Rain - Brian Crain
Dancing On The Light - Richard Dillon
Winter Journey - Scott D Davis
12 Études caracteristiques, Op 2, no.3 - Adolf von Henselt
Nocturne in A Minor - Chad Lawson
The Light She Brings - Joep Beving
I Wonder as I Wander - David Nevue
Some - Nils Frahm

Watch, Rap mon's next mixtape is gonna be "Abc's" and it's gonna be "A is for Apple B for banana C is for color and D's for the dancers" XD
ArmyPanda17 ArmyPanda17 Aug 27
UKISS!! Awweeee only if Dongho was still in the group😄 but there's Eli😀
ArmyPanda17 ArmyPanda17 Aug 27
LOL OMFG. Imagine when all of them becomes fathers and this happens!!!😂😂😭
Btw wut did happen ti taesung in the 1st book ? .-. I'm still confused
No... Jungkook's innocence.... Where has it gone... *a single tear falls dramatically*
Joonie, your child is 3, you should not have the energy to make this joke....