To Find Her Again [TLTL sequel / COMPLETE]

To Find Her Again [TLTL sequel / COMPLETE]

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After finding out the truth about his young lost love, Taehyung sets out to find her again but has two very unexpected sidekicks...

- UNEDITED first draft -

La Vie En Rose (Instrumental) - Paul Weston and Orchestra
Rain - Brian Crain
Dancing On The Light - Richard Dillon
Winter Journey - Scott D Davis
12 Études caracteristiques, Op 2, no.3 - Adolf von Henselt
Nocturne in A Minor - Chad Lawson
The Light She Brings - Joep Beving
I Wonder as I Wander - David Nevue
Some - Nils Frahm

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kiyoptae kiyoptae Jun 26
I can imagine those cute small lil mochi playing around our house─
Scar0805 Scar0805 Jul 16
I figured this is what was going to happen. Im kinda glad you went this way, author-nim! I love it when children come into it
At least we know the boy and girl are going to be really cute
AH! I see what you did there! You used the names he already planned to give to his children!
RiringT RiringT Jan 25
WAAHHHH!!! IM FANGIRLING HERE! I can imagine his beautiful cute smile!!!