Midnight Spirit

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Lexi By midnightthief Updated 10 months ago
Christina LaRosa is a werewolf with a special ability, she can see ghosts. The only problem is that no one believes her. In the supernatural community, ghosts DO NOT exists. So she keeps this a secret as she and her ghostly pal, Kasey, try to help people with their ghostly problems without letting them know that they have ghostly problems. She ends up helping this one werewolf who starts to chase after her because he believes Christina is his mate. Between trying to keep her secret and figuring out what this impending doom an old ghost mentioned to her, Christina's life has been turned upside down.
I love reading and this is a nice new concept i have never come bye. Thanks for tjis original story!
I think this book is great so far :) good job with your first book :)
I have a friend named Cloud, her sister is Storm, and her other sister is Snow
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I like it so far really different I wish there was more like this
Great premise -- looking forward to seeing how it plays out.