The Devil & I [Completed]

The Devil & I [Completed]

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imalwaysdreamin By imalwaysdreamin Completed

Her name's Angelle Avery, she gets mocked and bullied everyday just cause she isn't as beautiful as her two sisters. 

One day, she came across a website which invited the devil to her room. 

From then on, her life changed. She was no longer the ugly sister, but making a deal with the devil comes with a catch. 

No, this devil didn't want her soul, he needed her to help him fall in love.

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#7 Teen Fiction (9/4/16)
#510 Teen Fiction (5/9/16)

IcyBlueRoyalty IcyBlueRoyalty Jul 14, 2016
Snap out of it this dude just brook into your home and is in your room and your just letting this happen
xxgirlxlovesxbooksxx xxgirlxlovesxbooksxx Jul 25, 2016
This is an amazing first chapter I've read so far on Wattpad😍😍😍
clueless121 clueless121 Nov 13, 2016
Obviously gorgeous for God's sake he is Francisco lachowski woman!😍
XOChai_5XO XOChai_5XO Oct 27, 2016
'I will sacrifice  my ugliness' is what she meant to say😊😊
UniPotato_R UniPotato_R Oct 05, 2016
Jeremy? What kind of name is Jeremy? Like its a cool name, there's nothing wrong with it but Jeremy? Really? I was laughing at this coz I did not expect his name to be Jeremy. I thought it was going to be Jed or Aiden or something like that. You know what I'm just gonna shut up now....
bluexbadass bluexbadass Jul 06, 2016
This is different but a good kind of different! Don't stop cuz your really good! 😃