I Want More (BoyxBoy)

I Want More (BoyxBoy)

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Master eve t(^_^t) By Master_eve Updated Apr 26

Why do bad things happen to good people?
 Why do great things happen to assholes?
 Why do homophobic assholes think what their doing is right? 
 Why can't I just have great awesome hot amazing mind blowing sex with my boyfriend with out someone interrupting us?
 Why does my boyfriend's bestfriend think I don't like it rough? 
 How do my friends know my boyfriend has a big dick? 
 Why are parents constantly trying to ruin our lives? 
 Why does my dad walk in my room and leave my door open? 
 Why does my dad think I care if he takes my phone away? 
 Why do people think that fencing isn't a sport? 


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iwashere1219 iwashere1219 Dec 30, 2017
Teacher:who go through all that trouble just to evade the police 
                              Class:Not I
diisconnected diisconnected Jul 30, 2017
hellll nooooo ain't no one ever taking my popcorners i rlly be out here fighting
Romalottii Romalottii Dec 28, 2015
You better slay with the creakiness boy. A whole grain mean... All the proteins you need in the bootehh.
Romalottii Romalottii Dec 28, 2015
I just know this school does not have a class in the basement.
Romalottii Romalottii Dec 28, 2015
Those types of things are earned not given. In your situation it will never be allotted.