Sesshomaru Fanfic: Stupid Cat!

Sesshomaru Fanfic: Stupid Cat!

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Some are born talented, I am simply skilled By FanficGeekGirl Updated Dec 24, 2016

"Your such a dog"

"And your quite the cat"

You, a ice cat demon. Him, a dog demon. How the hell will this work out?! 

    Living like this has became second nature for her, and now its all about to change! From a cold but sweet cloud spirit, to a crazy stalking half-demon, this is just the normal in Y/n's life. But after a child of her friend is taken away, only her wrath and some sake can keep her going to find that child. But in the middle of the chaos, love begins and secrets from hundreds or years before rise! 
A shadow watches, smiling with evil plans, this isn't going to end well...

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MisheruDahlia MisheruDahlia Oct 14, 2017
If you love Sesshomaru stories so you should check out mine I've been working on :-) it's called a Demon of a Woman
Zanesa_Fullbuster Zanesa_Fullbuster Nov 05, 2017
I was really confused for a second cuz I forgot I switched to this fanfic cuz I was like "WHAT? I JUST HAD BLACK HAIR 2 SECOBDS AGO?!" 😂
tatortot0806 tatortot0806 Mar 28, 2016
Just saying but making the reader a cat demon is awesome it is such a twist it is kinda ironic ironic I can't wait to start reading thank you there aren't really alot of Sesshomaru fanfics out there
LibbieBlackout422 LibbieBlackout422 Jan 27, 2017
Bare nor bear. Bear means like a wild animal.
                              Bare means to carry and give birth