Imprinting On The Wrong Person

Imprinting On The Wrong Person

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"Things just had to get worse. It was as if fate had played a sick twisted game and I was the main pawn. I looked everywhere but at Edward, if I looked I knew it'd be a dead give away. I did my best to block him out but I found it harder and harder as the minutes ticked by, my wolf was irritated. And so was I."

This is a story on how Jacob black accidentally imprints on Edward Cullen. How will Jacob's pack and Cullens react when they find out .What will happen to Bella when the boys start getting closer.

 Set during eclipse. First page will just be a little information on the characters next page will be the first chapter.

bluesnowflakes21 bluesnowflakes21 Dec 08, 2016
ya know its supposed to be hot headed right not got headed...!! And what does "He loves to easy other peoples food because its not his" means?...And isnt it quit rather than quiet?!...sorry i am probably being a nuisance..
AnythingButSpecial AnythingButSpecial Jul 16, 2016
This is the only time I will like Twilight other than that I won't go near a Twilight book at fanfic
jezebel17 jezebel17 Aug 17, 2015
I thought her special ability is pig-headedness/stubbornness
supermans_dream_girl supermans_dream_girl Jul 11, 2015
He is actually the oldest vampire in the clan but the newest to the Cullen's
Fandom_Happiness Fandom_Happiness Apr 24, 2013
@janelle6456 thank you for reading  book and commenting and being sweet i also read your book fire and ice unite and i really Lovvvvvvveeeeeeeee it to i was actually waiting for you to update thanks leave more comments about what you think bye.