little insecurities

little insecurities

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LsCreations By LsCreations Updated Oct 26, 2015

" Jordyn bring your ass over here." My friend Stacy. Called out to me from the bar that was crowded by faded girls and men. I marched over there. 

" man you really need to chill with the drinks." I told her as she shot down her 5th shot. 

" man whatever but you got to try this." She said slamming down her shot glass. 

"Here." She said picking up a shot that looked like a dirty green color. With a olive inside.

" the fuck is that..." I ask dragging out my words looking inside the glass. I heard a few laughs as scrunched up my face.

" man does it matter damn you always ruining the fun Jordyn whats the point of bringing you here with me if you ain't gone drink." I said.

" this a fucking club bitch I'm not finna get drunk as shit and end up in the bed with a stranger and a std." I said. 

She looked at me tilting her head to the side.

" fine." She said getting up pulling her skirt down and grabbing my arm and walking to the dance floor.

" at lease dance with me." She said as she st...

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Autodidact90 Autodidact90 Nov 09, 2015
Lol she said she is not finna end up in bed with a stranger and a std. She wasn't playin'