Take Me Home

Take Me Home

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Paulina By blissom Completed

[COMPLETED] When Vienna Dawson manages to get herself left behind on a senior field trip to the North Carolina Outer Banks, she realizes she has no way to get home, a dead cell phone, and barely any money. Without any way to get back to California before graduation, she starts to panic, until she eventually stumbles upon a strikingly familiar guy from her childhood past who hasn't had a good day either-- Vienna finds him sobbing over a very mysterious phone call that he refuses to talk about. 

But the lucky part? He has a car and he's also headed to California.

The unlikely pair manage to strike a deal, and they soon hit the road together, but it takes a whole lot more detours than normal, considering both have no sense of direction, a broken GPS, incurable insomnia, and ultimately heavy baggage.

In a race against time, two misguided teens will reunite in an adventure of a lifetime, from posing as British tourists to to sleeping in a gas station to being arrested for vandalizing a state park. Together, they'll learn to overcome pretty much every random thing that comes their way...because they really don't have a choice.

[ cover by dandino / trailer by blissom ]  
[ best ranking: teen fic #6! on 1/18/16 //  adventure #23- 11/6/14 ] 
[ started march 30th, 2013 - ended february 18, 2015 © paulina r. all rights reserved ]

Whit_the_wahh Whit_the_wahh 4 days ago
I think he is trying to cover for Austin pals before gals after all
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I'm listening to blank space rn and it goes so well wid it lol
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baby you don't have to rush 
                              You can leave a toothbrush at my place
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Can one of you check out my book plz it's called "Out there" I tried really hard and not many people viewed it, plz read it and tell me what u think? ☺️
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