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Take Me Home

Take Me Home

9M Reads 347K Votes 58 Part Story
Paulina By blissom Completed

[COMPLETED] When Vienna Dawson manages to get herself left behind on a senior field trip to the North Carolina Outer Banks, she realizes she has no way to get home, a dead cell phone, and barely any money. Without any way to get back to California before graduation, she starts to panic, until she eventually stumbles upon a strikingly familiar guy from her childhood past who hasn't had a good day either-- Vienna finds him sobbing over a very mysterious phone call that he refuses to talk about. 
  But the lucky part? He has a car and he's also headed to California.
  The unlikely pair manage to strike a deal, and they soon hit the road together, but it takes a whole lot more detours than normal, considering both have no sense of direction, a broken GPS, incurable insomnia, and ultimately heavy baggage.
  In a race against time, two misguided teens will reunite in an adventure of a lifetime, from posing as British tourists to to sleeping in a gas station to being arrested for vandalizing a state park. Together, they'll learn to overcome pretty much every random thing that comes their way...because they really don't have a choice.
  [ cover by dandino / trailer by blissom ]  
  [ best ranking: teen fic #6! on 1/18/16 //  adventure #23- 11/6/14 ] 
  [ started march 30th, 2013 - ended february 18, 2015 © paulina r. all rights reserved ]

DunNotPanic DunNotPanic 2 days ago
I'm 17 and I'm not sure if my mom would let me date until I'm 25 hahah😅
crazygal000 crazygal000 Feb 20
Let's get it onnnnnnnn
                              Oh wait she has a bf .... oh well 
                              Get him girl
crazygal000 crazygal000 Feb 20
Ooooh boi yep go to him no need to cover him this bish bout to be caught  and gonna meet my friend me slipper and mrs fist
crazygal000 crazygal000 Feb 20
Oh my fudging girl hold my earrings 
                              *jumps on the bish*
                              *stabs the Other bish*
                              And now there is a pool of blood 
                              ......... deserved it little bishes 
                              If only this did happen this is only happening in my little crazy mind
crazygal000 crazygal000 Feb 20
I like Nate he sounds like a good guy so far pls don't be a bish like Austin is and I beg u and Kara FUÇK up Austin that he looks blue  and black
DunNotPanic DunNotPanic 2 days ago
What? Usually it's 3-6 people in a room. That sucks. I like my space but you must be bored alone