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kae By cyberaf Updated Aug 23, 2016

Lolita isn't about love, because love is always mutual; Lolita is an obsession.

"I'm disappointed that others don't understand and they take away the wrong message"

Lolita is nymph to man kind, every man wants a piece of this vixen but she remains untouched and unbothered by silly boys who give her a chase.

Lolita is an untouched fruit in the garden of life.

But will she remain "untouched"?

Concept retrieved from Vladimir Nabokov's 1952 novel 'Lolita'

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damn so justin rlly is old in this story im thinking the boys are like children of 6-10 years old
jinniee jinniee Jun 03
I love stories where justin is a sugar daddy and an actual daddy boiii
jinniee jinniee Jun 03
Wait I thot she was his mom lolololol I was like hmmm that's weird
I spent so long trying to find this book again finally found it ❤
axeValley axeValley Dec 03, 2016
My lips almost look like dat. Her lips look purple on the edges weirdly
kayleebieberbell kayleebieberbell Aug 21, 2016
I absolutely hate how people are being rude about her lips like whether they are fake or not it's her body and that the way she likes it so stop putting other people down she is gorgeous just the way she is get over it I personally love big lips