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A Theory Becomes a Truth - Markiplier x MatPat(GameTheory) Fanfic

A Theory Becomes a Truth - Markiplier x MatPat(GameTheory) Fanfic

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MetaLucie By MetaLucie Updated Apr 18

A/N: I don't know about many of you MarkiplierX -insert person name here- like Mark and Sean cross fanfic shippers. I know Mark acknowledges it and the same for Sean, but Matt and Mark together is one OTP I can agree with. I respect your Septicplier feels but I kinda ship Matplier more. But hey! That's just a pairing. A One True Pairing! Enjoy your reading. 

Ever since Matpat from GameTheorist had an interest for the famous Markiplier, he wasn't sure if he had a love interest or not. But as time went by for the two of them with friendly actions to awkward moments, this theory will soon become a truth.

I ship Markpat and Septicnate. Period, end of story. 
                              P. S.: I ship them so hard.
- - Feb 23, 2016
I literally screamed when Mark said the game theory reference in a video
Septiplier_4_Ever Septiplier_4_Ever Aug 09, 2016
OK, I always thought that Mattiplier was (Mark and Matthias) and Markipat was (Mark and MatPat)
                              .......bottom line ----- there's too many Matthews!
Frisk_of_undertale Frisk_of_undertale May 31, 2016
You forgot (diet) coke addict!!!!
                              *crickets chirp*
                              ............okay then 
                              *walks to emo corner and cries cause I'm forever lonely *
Copperclaw Copperclaw Dec 29, 2016
I clAim this dot as mine it henceforth shall be know as.....
- - May 09, 2016
I am all of the the hype rn because I also really love Matiplier or MarkPat like yessssssssssss