Fat // Harry Styles

Fat // Harry Styles

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in which an overweight young woman in an abusive relationship wants to piece her life back together before her mental and physical health come crashing down.

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laurendelcray laurendelcray Oct 15, 2016
fat is by no means synonymous with ugliness, I hate when people say "she's not fat, she's beautiful" you can be fat and be beautiful, being fat/ a little heavier is not a bad thing or an insult 💖
SookieStyles SookieStyles Oct 18, 2016
*Reads this while trying to see how many chicken nuggets I can fit in my mouth* (This is sad because it's true)
The word Fat isn't an insult do ppl should stop using this word as something hateful
leedle765 leedle765 Nov 27, 2016
This means a lot. I know I'm bigger, and no one has said anything rude, but I secretly feel the judgement
namelessmjay namelessmjay Dec 02, 2016
It's hard being on the heavy side in our society now a days cause people judge you and body shame you for not being "perfect" or what they consider "beautiful".  Theres people that say jokes about it or insults and you try to just shrug it off and play it cool as if it didn't hurt you.