Uncle Stark

Uncle Stark

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Vikitoria2000 By Vikitoria2000 Updated Aug 18, 2017

After the second Giant war I was lost. 
This war changed my life, because it took me my Wise girl and the other seven. I am now the last of the seven. 

After the Battle of Manhattan Nick Fury searches for a possible threat and what he finds is an unusual thin file.

All rights to Rick Riordan and Marvel

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Wisegirl555 Wisegirl555 Apr 23, 2017
Since he is immortal he is a God.  And if he talks to himself he is communicating with a god
marble100 marble100 May 06, 2017
Why are the fates so cruel that he will never see his wise girl ever now that he can't die
Yaoi4lifeforever Yaoi4lifeforever Dec 05, 2017
I'm sorry to say. I know this is a fanfiction, but Thor says stuff like that not Perce
Wisegirl555 Wisegirl555 May 12, 2017
A demigod alone can't defeat a primordial. and since she is just made of earth she doesn't have a heart.
SimmerOnIce SimmerOnIce Jan 13, 2017
How is "you shall face my wrath" Scarry? I would honestly laugh at how stupid the person sounded.
MarvelCat201612 MarvelCat201612 Feb 24, 2017
Idiot he doesn't want to be immortal AND the gods deserved what they got *cough cough* something i did*cough cough*