Uncle Stark

Uncle Stark

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Vikitoria2000 By Vikitoria2000 Updated Aug 18

After the second Giant war I was lost. 
This war changed my life, because it took me my Wise girl and the other seven. I am now the last of the seven. 

After the Battle of Manhattan Nick Fury searches for a possible threat and what he finds is an unusual thin file.

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Wisegirl555 Wisegirl555 Apr 23
Since he is immortal he is a God.  And if he talks to himself he is communicating with a god
marble100 marble100 May 06
Why are the fates so cruel that he will never see his wise girl ever now that he can't die
Wisegirl555 Wisegirl555 May 12
A demigod alone can't defeat a primordial. and since she is just made of earth she doesn't have a heart.
SimmerOnIce SimmerOnIce Jan 13
How is "you shall face my wrath" Scarry? I would honestly laugh at how stupid the person sounded.
Idiot he doesn't want to be immortal AND the gods deserved what they got *cough cough* something i did*cough cough*
yourlandlord yourlandlord Aug 30, 2016
So that these huge paragraphs don't get even more confusing.