Garroth x Reader ~REWRITING~

Garroth x Reader ~REWRITING~

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Obsessed4356 By Obsessed4356 Updated 4 days ago


Um. Hi. 


If I haven't made it obvious enough already, I'm editing this book's beginning plot. 

I can't stop you if you want to read the story still. If you do read past chapter five though, the chapters that follow it are from the previous plot. Plus, it's also very cringey... and cliche. I'll admit that.

But I've changed, my writing has changed. So all that has to change now is the book.

Don't worry, once I get to about the spot in the storyline where chapter fifteen is, (I say this because I don't know If I'll end up using more or less space in this rewrite) everything else will remain mostly the same. (There'll probably be some minor edits and added in scenes to more recent parts, so check in with me for those.)

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Takashi_-_Shirogane Takashi_-_Shirogane May 10, 2017
I shouldn't have even attempted saying his name omg 😂😂
Aria_Blazze Aria_Blazze Apr 11
Well I’m rereading it with a new OC! New shenanigans for you to deal with! More of me slaughtering Stutter King!
Takashi_-_Shirogane Takashi_-_Shirogane Nov 25, 2016
Better tie my shoes- I don't want to fall in love with anybody else...
FloraFireLove FloraFireLove Sep 26, 2016
Funny that happened to yesterday except I tripped on a rock lol
Just_Call_Me_Jo Just_Call_Me_Jo Nov 02, 2016
Ok....I'm the clumsiest person to ever walk this planet BUT EVEN I HAVENT WALKED OF A BRIDGE RAGING AT MA IDIOCY LOL
PainiteFox PainiteFox Oct 22, 2016
Hey I just met you! 
                              And this is crazy!
                              I fell off a bridge and fell in love with you baby!
                              And all the other boys from my village used to chase me!
                              So they're all dead now!
                              I love you baby!