Garroth x Reader

Garroth x Reader

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         "Please don't hurt me!" You clasped your hands together, pleading.

         "We aren't here to hurt you, we want to help you, after all, you did cry out for help." Replied the one under his helmet. 

         "Are you hurt? Do you need anything?" The other asked concerned.

         "Just a place to stay, and the names of you two, and maybe some food and water...." 

          You were stranded in the frost covered forest after you had fled from your now burnt down village. You eventually landed in a village called Phoenix Drop. It had just had a major war take place, and it was still recovering. 
        Would you just be another burden? 

       Semi-Important Side Note- This is the story of you making your way up to actually being with Garroth. It's not the story of you being together, but it does have some moments.

       Here's an example. Think of a show you watch. Is it about just two characters together, or does it have an actual storyline? Most likely it does, so think of this book in that way. It has a unique plot after about six chapters, and still some romance. 

        You need to build your relationship. Please don't become impatient because there isn't any "action" between you and Garroth. Even if you get discouraged, this is still a Garroth X Reader. He will eventually be with you.


         (I do not own the characters, Aphmau does)

Zaneomiships101 Zaneomiships101 Aug 13, 2016
Wow this is really good I love it really I do I can  aImagine
Wondefulness_of_cats Wondefulness_of_cats Aug 21, 2016
ima just gonna act like i just said "hello?" "anyone there?" instead of just screaming out "help" and "over here"
Lucy_thekid Lucy_thekid Dec 29, 2016
Hey not trying to just use this to advertise my fan fiction on another but I'm making a garroth x reader and I need feedback so yeah
Katalee17 Katalee17 Sep 24, 2016
I'm seriously so glad that this actually lets us build my relationship with Garroth, because when we fall in live immediately its honestly ridiculous. 
                              Thank you Author - Senpai!
Germanshepherd29 Germanshepherd29 Dec 31, 2016
How the heck can you hear snoring from far away, Garroth?! I imagine everywolf a wolf, but even as a wolf, wolves can't even hear that far!!!
Frisriel Frisriel Oct 22, 2016
HAHAHA! OMG! IMAGINE YOUR PARENTS COMING UP TO YOU AND ARE LIKE, "Hey, it's sleepy night-night time! Come on, go to bed!" LOLZ