Mi Reino

Mi Reino

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"We been through a lot within the last 24 hours and it opened my eyes to things." I started looking him in the eye, "When we are together nothing but bad things happen. People die and get hurt. Seeing my daughter almost loose her life because of your jealous assistant made me realize that we are better off separated. I love you August, but things just won't work out between us."

August worked his jaw as he tried to remain calm, "So that's how you feel? We got to hell and back and your ass wanna get up and leave? I saved your ass from Trey raping you, and you wanna leave? I saved you from getting your head blown off, and you wanna leave? I give your daughter blood, barely having enough for myself because i know if she dies you'll die inside. And you wanna leave?"

I looked at him with my mouth slightly opened.

"I was gonna buy us a new Home so that we didn't have to live in the memories of what happened last night. Because I care about you, and I want what's best for you! Your selfish, and I can't fuck with selfish people. Your ungrateful." August spit out before walking out the room and leaving.

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