Broken Girl

Broken Girl

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I_Am_The_Unknown1 By I_Am_The_Unknown1 Updated May 06, 2020

My name is Gabriella Castello, I am seventeen years old.

Don't draw attention to yourself. No one needs to know you. 

Lower your gaze. 

Stay quiet. 

Don't make friends. 

You aren't worthy. 

You don't deserve to have friends. 

Who would want to know someone like you? 

Your own father didn't want you. 

Your mom died because of you. 


You killed her.

She died trying to escape you.

Who would want someone like you? 



No one will ever love you. No one cares for you. He said. 

And I believed him.

No one will love me. 

I'm tainted. 

A murderer. 

I'm broken. 

I don't deserve love, I don't deserve to have friends. 

I'm better off dead. 

No one would even notice. He said to me.

I believed him.

I'm lucky to have him.

He looks after me. He said.

I believed him.

I didn't deserve happiness. He said.

I believed him.



I'm broken,