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Boys be (reader x seventeen)

Boys be (reader x seventeen)

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Seventeen trash By VeronicaMendoza388 Updated Aug 25, 2016

Tomorrow is the first day of school, 
I  frowned as you thought to myself. I was laying in my room, that was filled with posters from my favorite bands. I couldn't believe how fast the summer went by, and I couldn't help but feel sad. I stood up with a sudden burst of energy "come on (y/n) don't be so gloomy. You got this, it's  a new school year, you'll meet new people and make new friends,"you said to your self looking in the mirror with confidence and your fists in the air, being just a tad bit over dramatic. "who am I kidding I suck at life! UUUGGHHH...Whatever." 
I have to suck it up and who knows maybe I'll end up liking this year, I  laid back down on my bed, and curled into a ball. I decided to play some music. I  grabbed your phone and clicked on a random kpop playlist, an unfamiliar song started to play. I Looked at my  phone and the song was 20 by seventeen, it was really catchy and cute. You listened to the lyrics not being able to understand them but there words came with ...

SwagRN SwagRN Mar 24
This comment has been said to me by my mother and by my classmates all the time, but who cares I like Asian dudes a lot especially if they are kpop idols
My mom always tells me that and I'm like "Yes I like Asian guys, is that a problem?" And then she kills me
Omg i do have a thing for Asians even before i got into kpop
skyer_high skyer_high Apr 21
Im asian 
                              And im still single 
                              I wonder why reason :watch kpop who never knew u exist
jincereIy jincereIy Jul 11, 2016
I've watched kpop so much I have an Asian radar in the back of my head and I can spot them without even looking it's sad... ; --; I cri every tyme
joshuapassthebleach joshuapassthebleach Mar 30, 2016