Infidelity. (On hold)

Infidelity. (On hold)

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. By soulfuloptimist Updated Nov 27, 2017

Erin in media


I tried so hard to block out the pain as she repeatedly kicked my side. The tears wouldn't stop. I should be used to this because it has been happening for 3 years now. I guess you never get used to someone beating you daily.

We've been together for 4 years. The first year was amazing, she would always take me out on dates. The love that would radiate off her on a daily basis was just astonishing. Sadly things changed when her mother got sick. 

It was unexpected for the both of us. Her mother was like a second mother to me, she never even mentioned that she was sick. We only found out when we saw her on her death bed. I guess it hit Megan hard because she just couldn't bare seeing her mother like that. 

I guess reality kicked in when her mother passed away, only then we found out that she had leukemia and that she didn't want to be cured because she said that her time on earth was up. She would take out all her anger on me. That was when she started using me as ...

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gotmefvckedup gotmefvckedup Sep 27, 2017
And you still with her... MUHFUCKA YOU STUPID  SHE TRYNA KILL YOU..
ChrystalWithaK ChrystalWithaK Sep 01, 2017
She got so much nerves to even THINK about the word 'dangerous'
                              This Megan girl is too much😂😂
FineseQua FineseQua Sep 05, 2015
I Wouldn't Stay With Her , At All Jen Probably Got A Thank For Her.
-FvckYoFeelinz -FvckYoFeelinz Sep 05, 2015
Aww they're so cute .. and so in love Megan need to get it together before its too late and her "wife" is gone
-FvckYoFeelinz -FvckYoFeelinz Sep 04, 2015
Love is not supposed to hurt ... Megan is wrong  she need to do better !!!