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Our Beautiful Insanity [Yandere!Karma X Reader X Yandere!Nagisa

Our Beautiful Insanity [Yandere!Karma X Reader X Yandere!Nagisa

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Lurkingshadow21385 By Lurkingshadow21385 Updated Aug 13, 2016

They are both your best friend's, yes friends. But they see you as something more. Yes it's normal to have a crush on a girl, but what happens when this crush becomes obsession? One thing is certain, they love you to much to allow you to fall for anyone else or even become friends with anyone else. They love you so much they will kill for you....

 This story contains: Language, Lemon, Lime, Sexual situations

- - Nov 30, 2016
I only have one question.
                              Is the Reader shorter or taller than Nagisa?
                              I definitely know their shorter than Karma though.
ThatKrazyOtaku ThatKrazyOtaku Aug 15, 2016
O//////////O W-WHA-WHAT! B-BATH W-WITH KARMA! *nosebleed* *faints*
Beautifulzumea19 Beautifulzumea19 Aug 07, 2016
                              ITS BEEN A YEAR!!!!!!!!!!👿👿👿👿👿👿😥😢😢
                              Also I love this story😍
Cycle2-X Cycle2-X Nov 26, 2016
Honestly i would do this if my kids friend had fabulous hair
1Frictioninurjeans 1Frictioninurjeans Jul 12, 2016
Yeah problem with that in real life I can't use chopsticks like I literally tried it at the sushi place and they saw me attempt to use chopsticks and gave me training ones ( ̄Д ̄)ノ
nyhlakitty21 nyhlakitty21 Nov 30, 2016
Awwwwwwww....... IRL probs, you can't use chopsticks cause you don't know how to.