Save Me From Myself |BxB|

Save Me From Myself |BxB|

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Dolly Grand By GrandWriting Updated May 01, 2018

**Includes the entire series**

Book 1: Saving Me.  Theo is a shy kid who is in love with his best friend Beau, but Beau doesn't love him. In fact he is a homophobic and he tells everyone Theo is gay. Since then Theo is the most bullied kid in school, on top of being terrorized at home. But no one can be as cruel to Theo, than Theo himself. He is his own worst bully.

Book 2: Saving You.   Theo was in love with his former best friend Beau, who made his life miserable, but now Theo has something better in his life. Is it a mistake when Theo falls in love again, and can a certain someone heal his wounded soul? Can Theo save him, before it's too late?

Book 3: Saving Us. Everything was supposed to be great. Theo had finally found love and happiness. But an horrible accident steals his love away from Theo. Losing his boyfriend is not the worst part, and Theo's own heart must be strong enough to face the cruel outcome of the accident and fight for what belongs to him.

Book 4: Saving Him.  The past year hasn't been easy for Theo. It seems like his life is cursed, but how much more one person can take? His cruel life keeps pushing him closer to the edge, and when it finally comes, when he is finally pushed too far, it is up to his boyfriend and new friends to be the strong ones, and save him from his worst enemy: from himself. Can he recover, and learn to live with the constant fear of losing everything? And, will he find the answer to the question which burns in his mind: Why did his life turn out the way it did?