Opposites Attract | Kendrick Lamar

Opposites Attract | Kendrick Lamar

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k. By bigheadkaye Updated Jul 13, 2013

My Work #1 | March 2013 - July 2013 | Completed 

- previously known as Cartoons and Cereal, and Ignorance is Bliss
- this was my very first story, sorry for how crappy it is but apparently people love it so i wont delete it

Seventeen year-old, straight 'A' student, Kendrick Lamar Duckworth, is your typical high school student, living in Compton, California. Although he has a bright future ahead of him, his goal is to not chase the dreams that his parents set out for him. Instead of wanting to be a doctor, or obtaining any other occupation most parents would want for their child, Kendrick's dream is to become a world known hip-hop recording artist. 

Kendrick wants to be able to do what he loves, which is music, for a living, but no one said the road to achieving this dream would be easy. Considering the fact that he shares the dream of many other guys his age, among many other obstacles, it's easy to get discouraged and give up. With the help of his best friend Jordin, though, Kendrick is determined to do what ever it takes to reach his goal. 

But what happens when the status of Kendrick and Jordin's relationship drastically evolve into something else? 

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1babybreezy 1babybreezy Jul 30
This is really like my 4th time reading this book 😭😍😩
lividgold lividgold Apr 17
Lol in in color guard and this really just made my day! Like they dont ever talk about it in books 😭😭
Sxloui Sxloui Jan 16
This part remind me of that movie with the girl and the guy and they were friends and played basketball. I think it was called "Love and Basketball."
seeingsounds seeingsounds Mar 01, 2015
this is from master splinter's daughter ( track on good kid maad city by kendrick lamar's album )
SincerelyBreezy SincerelyBreezy Mar 26, 2014
That prayer was great. You can sense the disparity in it  Nice start.
JoelPlasencia JoelPlasencia Mar 11, 2014
I'm not a big reading Pearson like I doing read much I'm not even done with this and I'm already feeling like I know my fav. Person kendrick I'm just loving this story so much