Foreign Boy Took My Heart✔ (Re-writing)

Foreign Boy Took My Heart✔ (Re-writing)

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Jessica was so nervous. It was her dream come true. She was in New York, a city of joy and love.

This is a journey of an Indian girl who has:

A terrible past,

Trust issues,

A Conservative family,

And a best friend.

She promised herself that she wouldn't fall in love again, but fate has something else for her. 


Max is a guy who was cynical about love, preferring casual encounters to relationships until, he met Jessica. 


A broken heart,

A Strict father,

An Asshole brother,

And a best friend.

He was enjoying his life, but everything changed when she stepped in.


What will happen when two different people unite together? 

What will happen when Max offers Jessica a deal to be his fake girlfriend? 

Will they realize each other's feelings? 

To know more start reading...

***Do you like love stories with a happy ending? Then this book is for you!***

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ehmain ehmain Jun 26, 2016
Me too! It's easier, but autocorrect isn't always helpful. Lol
stormthewingedwolf stormthewingedwolf Nov 25, 2016
They are unless you've known them your whole life 😒😓😆
In_my_City In_my_City Dec 02, 2016
Well I am Indian so it would be easy for me to understand Indian words
Okay I seriously love this. It's really well written and wants you to keep reading, plus I somehow am trying to get a scholarship to NYU too, so it really fits with my situation 😂 and by the way, EVERY mom in the world says that sentence. I've memorized it for years 😂✌🏻
MelanyTheMelon MelanyTheMelon Dec 15, 2016
                              Damn. After two bags, I usually just give up, and leave the place. 😂
TKJPage TKJPage Dec 18, 2016
So far I enjoyed the chapter... Love the mother, the main and the crazy friend.  Love the bit of a cliffhanger, makes me want more... Haha!
                              On a none related note, I've never tried Spicy Daal, I may have to try it some day.