The Green Monster

The Green Monster

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Scarlett By Summerrules027 Updated Aug 14, 2017

Jealousy eats up someone.  Can the two possibly push aside differences and work together? Or will everything collapse and all will be for nothing?

{currently going through massive editing which includes combining chapters, providing much more description, fixing grammar, and adding more chapters as I go along}
Edited Chapters have a Roman numeral: I, II, III, IV, V, etc.
Original Chapters just have a name.

This book is rated Mature for implied themes and usage of "profanity." 

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy.

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TiannaV TiannaV Aug 12, 2017
Ugh, first of all, Percy is freaking hot! And, if someone says they hate Percy, the whole fandom hates u. So... Get ur facts straight! Bruh💀
Ummm HITLER’S main thing was that blonde hair, blue eyes and pale skin made you better than everyone else. Heil Jason.
TiannaV TiannaV Aug 12, 2017
Disgrace anyone u want Jason, but don't u DARE diss my husband!!!! Man, u talking bout Percy, don't diss Poseidon!!!
Brainexe Brainexe Oct 10, 2017
There's water in the air... *grumbles about how stupid Jason is*
JNB_is_here JNB_is_here Apr 07, 2017
You won't realize what will hit YOU.
                              Oh wait, is it Percy or a brick??
WatchOut4Sharks WatchOut4Sharks May 31, 2016
Jason is an egotistical buffoon. "I toppled Kronos' throne" my ass. Percy f-ing actually destroyed Kronos all the you did was PUSH OVER HIS DAMN CHAIR!!!!
                              Sorry I felt the need to vent my feelings about the stupid likes of Jason 'how are you related the the amazing Thaila' Grace