Read Between The Lines (boyxboy) (under editing)

Read Between The Lines (boyxboy) (under editing)

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Jake and Archer are both straight...or so they thought. 

Jake's never had the best track record with girls. He's handsome, but they all assume he's gay. And when he meets Archer, he actually starts to agree with them. 

Archer's a total player. He has girls throwing themselves at his feet, and those stories aren't just stories....they're true! So when he starts thinking about Jake more than he should, it comes as a big surprise! 

Can they read between the lines, and realize that what they have is real? Or will they continue to fight the attraction they both know is there?

FreddyFazzy101 FreddyFazzy101 Nov 25, 2017
Wait. You remember Jake's name, but you don't remember his sister's? Oh My Goddess! Conspiracy Theories!
Dark_rainbow2003 Dark_rainbow2003 Aug 22, 2017
What? I thought you were gay if you liked someone of the same sex, not if you had a certain look...
I don’t know why but I read that as having a SMALL successful son😂😂
Hey hey there
                              Join the asexual gang 😃☺️😁😏🤩🤩
"I'm Rick Harrison, and this... Is my pawn shop"
                              Please tell me someone gets this
Kurokaro Kurokaro Oct 11, 2017
Lol I was thinking Billy Elliot but then remembered that he's like 11 in it