Read Between The Lines (boyxboy) (under editing)

Read Between The Lines (boyxboy) (under editing)

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Jake and Archer are both straight...or so they thought. 

Jake's never had the best track record with girls. He's handsome, but they all assume he's gay. And when he meets Archer, he actually starts to agree with them. 

Archer's a total player. He has girls throwing themselves at his feet, and those stories aren't just stories....they're true! So when he starts thinking about Jake more than he should, it comes as a big surprise! 

Can they read between the lines, and realize that what they have is real? Or will they continue to fight the attraction they both know is there?

Powie-cute Powie-cute Apr 05
Frozen. Must be cause it's so cold all the way out there in Narnia. .
                              In the closet so long you probably were the one to discover Narnia 😂
McWaffle_ McWaffle_ Apr 03
hmmmmmm yes I can see them in the future now.... Quite a ship they will be~
Heathen. *Starts singing* all my friends are heathens take it slow... l-/😛😍
I know he probably looks younger, but why just assume that since it's his first drink that he's younger? Some people just have a "baby face" 😞
TheInfiniteParadox TheInfiniteParadox Sep 10, 2015
THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I SAY even though I'm gay and open about it.
ThatOneChickThough ThatOneChickThough Dec 24, 2014
I can't bring myself to watch it, I've heard it's depressing and... I'm still recovering from QueerAsFolk and I finished watching that 4 months ago *Sigh*