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The Star Knight Chronicles

The Star Knight Chronicles

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Ross Coulbeck By RossTiger Updated Jan 15, 2011

In the year 2153, the earth is at war with itself. There are too many people on the planet and not enough food or space for them all. While the underclasses roam the world barely surviving, the self proclaimed aristocracy of the sit on their golden thrones and only protect anyone that can pay. Jack Dusker knows these men, knows what they are capable of, and with a select few, what they could achieve. The Council of Elites is gathering to discuss a solution to their current predicament and Jack wouldn't miss this meeting for all the riches in the world.

Rage38 Rage38 Dec 09, 2010
Still awesome! Can't wait to see what the Manar guy's up to!
Rage38 Rage38 Dec 09, 2010
Wow! That was a.w.e.s.o.m.e. The details, the descriptions, the dialogue, the tone, it all fit perfectly together!
                              But the story itself reminds me of the anime 'The Legend of the Glass Fleet' but yeah, we'll see where it goes :) 
DarkPrincess DarkPrincess Nov 03, 2010
@Elementalist i'll let you off then...this time...XP
                              not alwaaaaays a phone stealer...sometimes she gives it to me...XP
                              that sounded bad...but hey...XP
RossTiger RossTiger Nov 03, 2010
@DarkPrincess You get nanobots everywhere, I'm allowed to use them :P haha next part has been started so hopefully won't be as long a wait as this part :) lol yeah you phone stealer! haha x
RossTiger RossTiger Oct 04, 2010
@DarkPrincess thanks :) next part should have more action in it, needed to get everything set up in this one and build up the tension a bit :)
DarkPrincess DarkPrincess Oct 04, 2010 n izzy both think it's really good n we want to read more...XDXDXD