Yandere! Twins X Reader

Yandere! Twins X Reader

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When you were a child, your poor, widowed mother was unable to look after you for a while but to her luck, the generous and wealthy Kataoaka household offered to look after you until your mother had enough money to get back on her feet.

With the current situation, you were forced to meet and play with the dreaded and taunting Kataoaka twins. They seemed rather harmless and playful at first but they slowly began to reveal their true disturbing dark sides. The things you witnessed from the twins were things that were meant to be forgotten. You promised yourself that you would move on.

Many years later, you forget about the incident with the twins and happily continue in your life, however, one day, you receive strange messages from a stranger and then the next thing you know, you wake up in a place unknown. This isn't the end though. It's their beginning.

I'm always a mess. Mentally and physically..........please help me, I want to die.
I'm actually Demiromantic, (it's a part of the ace umbrella) and I like that they're ace :3
Sakurapop Sakurapop Apr 05
Oh no... 
                              *they run in* 
                               THE DEVIL SPAWN ARE HERE
                              GET THEM AWAY GET THEM AWAAYYYY
                              BAD TOUCH
                              BAD TOUCH
                              STRANGER DANGER
I'm not fiesty I'm super polite and shy tf reader doing lmao
SnowisMagic SnowisMagic Jul 21
They're treating her/me like a doll, and I'm v concerned now
cupcake2612004 cupcake2612004 Sep 06, 2016
Mine! *Hugs Tomi*
                              *kills random girl*
                              (Can a yandere and a yandere be together? I hope so...)