Firsts: A Boys Over Flowers Fanfiction

Firsts: A Boys Over Flowers Fanfiction

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What happened to Gu Joon-pyo while he was in America getting the Schnwa Group back on track? Four years is an awful long time. Enter Tiffany Smith, American Pop star. She seems to be the typical blonde haired, blue-eyed American stereotypical girl except for one thing, she's nothing he's encountered before. 

She's more famous and rich then him, and really doesn't seem to care that he is the great Gu Joon-pyo. Can he deal with the fact that not only is she famous and rich like him, he can't seem to resist her?

She's a woman that can bring a boy into manhood. They start a romance that will take him down the road of maturity to find himself and what love really can do to a person.

Maybe even F4 will show up to help him find more about himself and their relationship. Is Jun-di still the one? Will he chose Tiffany or Jun-di?