Forced To Marry

Forced To Marry

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Ethan James just turned twenty-two and he is a rich guy who loves to party. He as never had a real relationship because girls throw themselves at him all the time and he doesn't want to be tied down to just one. His dad has become tired of his crap and has decided to force him to marry the daughter of David Conners a long time business partner of his. If Ethan refuses to marry and join the business then his dad has threatened to cut him off financially. 

Rylee Conners is seventeen and her parents adopted her when she was six she has been through a lot in her life. Her life as a Conner has been amazing until the day she comes home from school to find out she has to marry Ethan James the son of Peter James her dads long time business partner. She has never meet Ethan but she has heard stuff and she thinks he is a spoiled jerk and a huge player, plus she would rather read then date. But when she gets married, starts in a new school, makes new friends her life gets turned upsides down.

Will Ethan and Rylee learn to love each other or will the marriage just strictly be on paper.

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I have to say...the picture of a blue jean jacket doesnt work very well with semi formal attire. Perhaps a nice cropped sweater so cover a garish bruise.
MicheleClarkSmith MicheleClarkSmith Oct 17, 2017
She should have kicked him were the sun don't shine! She should have stood up to Brittney n her Minnions
slcjnk2008 slcjnk2008 Aug 24, 2016
A very intriguing beginning.  I'm looking forward to reading your book, it sounds great.
jollyreaderjennell jollyreaderjennell Jul 08, 2016
Good chapter. I suggest you removed the italics through. So much can make the eye hurt. They were a few grammatical errors but nottheless good chapter.n