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Armin X Reader

Armin X Reader

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NerdCatBoii By NerdCatBoii Completed

Chapter 1
You yawned sleepily as you practically rolled out of your bed, pulling the sheets around you like cloak and rubbing your half open (e/c) eyes. Dropping the sheet lazily on your bed you turn to your clothing line and grab a long white button up and some white skinny jeans. You always thought they looked best with your gear. At that moment Levi walked in. 
"As always, your unwelcome." You grumble but with a hint of tease in your tone. You felt comfortable talking to him like this because you were high ranked in his squad and he'd raised you since you were young. He was a lot like a brother to you. 
Standing there in your pajamas messy (h/c) hair sticking out in all directions you noticed a flicker of amusement pass over Levi's emotionless face. 
"For once you may be interested in what I have to say." He said calmly. "I want you to join us on a scouting mission today. As you'll be there for tactical purposes you will be in the centre with me and-"
"So I'm working on my own the...

EmotionlessYandere EmotionlessYandere Nov 21, 2016
Wait, that means Levi ships me and Armin *laughs* Didn't know he was into stuff like that XD
FabulousLegs2144 FabulousLegs2144 Jul 31, 2016
Ok, I'm gonna say this once and never say it again. LEVI, I'M GLAD YOU'RE MY DAD!
I thought "You quickly pulled up your jeans." Ment you pulled jean up. Gwad im stoopid.
Clemy-Clue Clemy-Clue Mar 24, 2016
You deserve a comment * Bands golden paper with "comment on it* the ya go